Audit and Accounting is one of our core business activities representing 60% of our total revenue. Our partners and staff stay abreast of accounting developments and our personalized approach and thorough understanding of your business allows us to find solutions to problems you may face.

The audit is conducted based on the OK YAU & HOWYONG audit methodology and the audit procedures and principles in the OK YAU & HOWYONG audit manual are used as guide.

The OK YAU & HOWYONG audit approach entails an assessment of the risks potentially affecting the financial statements. We focus our audit efforts on financial statements areas where there are significant risks of material misstatement.

We also conduct walkthrough tests to enable us to have a current understanding of your accounting and internal control systems.

Planning and conduct of the audit is coordinated with you in order to ensure that the audit is conducted in a timely and efficient manner with the least disruption to your operations. We recognize the importance of working with you to resolve all issues and to achieve the audit objectives.

In order to ensure that deadlines are met, the audits are very often structured into different phases, which would enable better understanding of your operations. We provide advice on issues so that solutions can be implemented well before the completion of the audit to avoid any adverse effects.

Throughout the audit process we gain knowledge which, combined with our experience and expertise, provides us with an unique insight into your organisation's operations. This provides us the opportunities for identifying improvements, not only with respect to accounting systems but organizational structure and financial planning.

We make the audit process as valuable as possible to your organization by providing sound and constructive advice. These valuable business advice, which will be communicated to you, is a form of enhancing our service to you.

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